Infinithéâtre’s mandate is to seek out, develop, showcase and broker original plays by Québec playwrights and, since 2016, also the work of Indigenous writers from across Canada.

Great theatre begins with great writing. We challenge writers from other media—journalists, poets, and novelists—to write for the stage. We seek out innovative Québec plays, playwrights, and new theatrical styles. In addition, we tackle and adapt classic plays when the themes and characters are relevant.

Anglophone artistic expression is Infinithéâtre's mother tongue. However, as life in the great creative crucible of Montréal is primarily conducted in French, inevitably some of our work is bilingual, even multilingual. Language, and the paradox of creating in English in Québec, a linguistic minority within a linguistic minority, helps shape our identity and fuels our creative work.

With our unique record of longevity and achievement as an independent Anglophone theatre company in Montréal, we play a leadership role in the relève of Québécois theatre in English. With the digital screens of our wired universe dominating the mindset and quality of contemporary life, we strive to celebrate live human connection. We believe it is especially important to ensure a younger generation of theatregoers has a chance to celebrate community and collectivity through the experience of live theatre.

To make a donation or to register as an Artistic Director's Circle (ADC) member, please contact the General Manager at 514.987.1774 or via email at manager@infinithéâ

On behalf of the playwrights, actors, artists and theatre-lovers who make up our Infinite family, we thank you!