The Pipeline 2017

written by Louise Arsenault, Michaela Di Cesare, Alain Goulem and Arthur Holden

From December 8th 2017 to December 10th 2017

Director: Shawn Campbell, Ellen David, Eda Holmes and Nicholas Pynes

Infinithéâtre - The Pipeline Infinithéâtre proudly presents Québec’s newest plays and playwright discoveries in The Pipeline reading series!

The Pipeline an ongoing series of Donate What You Can (DWYC) public play readings of plays we are considering for future production. The Pipeline gives the public a unique opportunity to voice their opinions and directly influence Montréal’s cultural landscape through the lively talkback discussions following each reading. One of the plays in the readings series is the winner of our Write-On-Q! playwriting competition.

Extra/Beautiful/U by Michaela Di Cesare - Pam Dunn 1st Place Prize WOQ! Winner
Dr. Sam Gagliardi, a prodigious craniofacial plastic surgeon, is preparing to restore the face of one of her former schoolmates, Lara. Lara found fame and fortune on a reality dating show before an accident took it all away. Now Lara is back to real reality: living at home with her single mother, Angie, who is the primary caregiver to Lara's sister Louise who has Down Syndrome.

Strange Fire by Louise Arsenault - 2nd Place WOQ!
Mia is a Montreal film maker who is working on a doc about young women in the Middle East who self-immolate as a form of protest. When a young Arabic woman living in Ontario attempts the same thing, Mia is shocked and intrigued. Meanwhile, Jeanne, Mia’s girlfriend, is struggling with some demons of her own, namely her addiction to food and to Mia. These three women’s lives intertwine as the play explores how social oppression impacts their mental health and their life choices.

The Ex-Mas Party by Alain Goulem
The only thing Susan got in the divorce was the cottage. With the ink barely dry on the settlement she heads to the country to celebrate her first post divorce Christmas with her new boyfriend Ray. Before they can even settle in to their cozy getaway, her ex, Dom arrives with his young fiancée. He came to pick up his skis, but a blizzard snows them in and they are forced to spend Christmas on a potential double date from hell.

The Past by Arthur Holden
When two aging, bookish alcoholics encounter each other at an AA meeting that goes badly sideways, an unlikely friendship is born. Is it more than friendship? Is late-life romance possible between two terribly damaged people? Is it safe?

The Past won the 2017 Theatre BC National Playwriting Competition and received a four-day workshop under Kathryn Shaw in Vernon, BC, in July.


Espace Knox
6215 Avenue Godfrey
Montreal, QC H4B 1K3

Shows at 2pm & 7pm

FREE to all (Donations collected).
Seating is limited.

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