Kafka's Ape

written by Written by Franz Kafka adapted by Guy Sprung

From February 8th 2019 to February 27th 2019

Director: Guy Sprung
Starring: Howard Rosenstein as Red Peter

Guy Sprung, Director and Adapter
Kate Hagemayer, Stage Manager
Vladimir Alexandru Cara, Creature make-up
Ariane G de Miomandre, Original set design
Original Lighting Design by Eric Mongerson
Nikita U, Original Sound and Video Design
Anana Rydvald and Zach Fraser, Movement coaches

Infinitheatre - Kafka’s Ape Captured on the Gold Coast and imprisoned in a cage, Redpeter's only escape route
is to become a walking, talking, spitting, hard-drinking member of the Peace Industry, the entrepreneurial world of mercenary soldiers that is one of the biggest growth industries of the 21st century. In detailing the journey of his enforced evolution from Apedom to Humandom, Mr. Redpeter is a living embodiment of the irony that perhaps now he is more animal than he ever was as an Ape.

“Spung's adaptation is smoothly done, reinventing the story for today using the
elements of contemporary culture. Howard Rosenstein knocks it out of the park in the
title role. Bravo! At just over one hour's duration, Kafka's Ape is fascinating,
provocative and funny. Don't miss it."

Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette


Feb 8th, 9th & 10th -8pm/2pm @ Espace Knox in N.D.G ( 6215 Ave. Godfrey) Tickets can be purchased here through EventBrite or call 514-987-1774 ext 104

Feb 15th, 16th & 17th - 8pm/2pm @ Morin Heights Theatre in Morin Heights (27 Rue Bellevue). Tickets can be purchased here

Feb 19th & 20th - 7:30pm @ Maison de la Culture Frontenac in Ville Marie (2550 Rue Ontario E) Tickets are FREE as part of CAM en Tournée ACCESS CULTURE Phone: 514 872-7882 *en français!

Feb. 27th - 7:30pm @ Maison de la Culture du Plateau Mont-Royal in Le Plateau. Tickets are FREE as part of CAM en Tournée ACCESS CULTURE Phone: 514 872-2266 *en français!


Various Venues and Times. Please see schedule.

$30 General admission
$23 Students, Seniors (65+)
$20 Groups (6+) and Previews
$25 Union/Equity/QDF
$14 School groups
$120 6Pack (6 shows for the price of 4!)
*Taxes included!

Feb 19th, 20th & 27th
Please contact them directly for tickets.

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Infinitheatre production of Kafka's Ape
Howard Rosenstein
Howard is a Montréal based actor working extensively with Guy Sprung and Infinithéâtre over the past decade. Audiences may be familiar with his work as Redpeter in Kafka’s Ape, (still touring, most recently to Off-Broadway and next to Asia in 2019) as well as in Honesty Rents by the Hour, Mr. Goldberg goes to Tel Aviv, Progress!, Unseamly, The Leisure Society, Father Land, Rabbit, Rabbit, Moonlight & Magnolias (for Lac Brome),Triplex Nervosa (for Centaur), Cornered (for Rabbit in a Hat), Elizabeth Rex (for Tableau d’Hôte), and A View from the Bridge (for Segal) amongst others.
He also produced Theatre Esperance’s inaugural production and played the role of Ben in The Dumb Waiter (with James Loye as Gus) at Theatre Mainline. Howard’s latest production with Infinite is an epic three-year odyssey entitled Fight On! by Infinithéâtre’s Artistic Director Guy Sprung. Please visit howardrosenstein.com for more.