written by Arthur Holden

From January 17th 2012 to February 12th 2012

Director: Guy Sprung
Starring Noel Burton, Danielle Desormeaux, Elana Dunkleman, Paula Jean Hixson and Howard Rosenstein.

Ars Poetica is a comedy about poetry, wireless communications and the wayward impulses of love.

The air conditioning has failed, creditors are circling like sharks and the publisher will sleep with anything that moves.

Welcome to the offices of Ars Poetica, a struggling Montréal literary magazine where chaos reigns and disaster is never more than an errant BlackBerry click away.

Coaxed by his idealistic daughter Naomi, a summer intern at the magazine, lawyer Hugh Rose joins the crusade to keep the enterprise afloat, but with increasing reluctance as he too becomes entangled in the office intrigues.


8 p.m. Tues. through Saturday, 2 p.m. on Sunday
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