Past Productions

Death and Taxes

2005-03-20 - 2005-04-10

Written by Guy Sprung
Directed by Guy Sprung
Cast: Eric Davis, Andreas Apergis, Anne Day-Jones, Karl Graboshas and Leni Parker

Death And Taxes is an explosive docu-drama that dramatizes the moral evolution of post WWII Canada. The life of fictional tax-lawyer Nathan Carter is mirrored by headlines and video clips of the real political scandals, corruption and influence peddling of the period. Carter was a man prepared to do anything to achieve a life of conspicuous über-consumption. “Look sharp, feel sharp… act sharp, keep one step ahead of the pack.”Carter’s hunger for the good life, his recklessness and greed, parallels the evolution of our society. As more and more members of the Mulroney government are charged with corruption, even the RCMP officer investigating Nathan Carter’s dealings wonders if the Rule of Law actually applies in our country. Death And Taxes will reinforce your concern for the future of our country and possibly, hopefully, spur your interest in protecting the democratic future of Canada.