Past Productions

Seventeen [Anonymous] Women

2005-09-29 - 2005-10-16

Written by Carolyn Guillet
Directed by Diana Fajrajsl
Cast: Jane Gilchrist, Michelle Girouard, Alexandria Haber, Djennie Laguerre, Renée Madeleine Le Guerrier, Adrianne Richards, Felicia Shulman

Seventeen women. Half of them from "here and now". You could meet them on the street, at your local store, in a bar. The other half from "there and then". You could find them in a fairy tale, an historical novel, an ancient play. They suddenly converge in time and space. Uninvited. And start talking. AND THEY ARE LOUD. THEY ARE TELLING TALES. Their stories are raw. Gleefully provocative. They speak with urgency that demands attention. Each one of these women is on the verge of apocalyptic discovery, outrageous revelation. Out of their mouths comes hysterical truth. Wild beauty. And the peace that comes at the end resonates with acceptance, ancient and mysterious, of our noisy, messy, ever-evolving humanity.