Past Productions


2015-10-21 - 2015-11-01

Written by Alyson Grant
Directed by Guy Sprung
K. C. Coombs
Peter Farbridge
Daniel Brochu
Jennifer Morehouse
Howard Rosenstein

Progress! is an absurdist farce set in the Royal V hospital in its last functioning days before its final patients are moved to the new super hospital. Characters #1 and #2 are the first two people to have died in that room in the 19th century and see themselves, #1 in particular, as caretakers of all those who have died there since and now inhabit the room as spectral beings, all 8356 of them. The last patient in the room is a woman who has tried to kill herself and who is also fated to die. #1 and #2 are hoping that through their ghostly intervention they can conjure her life in a series of vignettes and help her understand her profound sadness and thus help her reverse her fate. What emerges through this process moves between sad and very funny, evoking the hospital's history and the people connected to it since its inception at a key moment in Montreal's larger history.

Park 'N Play

Burning Tongues ( 2015-10-11 at 7pm )

Written by Louise Arsenault and directed by Ellen David

Lunch Hour ( 2015-10-12 at 7pm )

Written by Oren Safdie and directed by Oren Safdie