Past Productions

Love, Child

2015-11-26 - 2015-12-06

Written by Anana Rydvald
Directed by Zach Fraser
Performed by Anana Rydvald

Love, Child is an autobiographical play written by Anana Rydvald. The theme is about the cyclical pain a mother can pass onto the next generation unless one goes through a self reflective journey of one’s own history. It spans Lina’s life (the protagonist) over 30 years as she peels away the layers of her past, revealing the men and women in her life who influence the person she is today. Audiences follow the journey from her adolescent years living with Magda, her eccentric, Buddhist, hippie mother in the late ‘70s, to a small town in upstate N.Y. during the ‘80s; to a little village in Northern Sweden where Lina’s fanatic, evangelical grandmother, Karin, lives, to a mental institution in Stockholm during the ‘90s; and finally to the present, where Lina is awaiting the role of motherhood herself. The play is performed in masks to elevate the dramatic and comedic life of the characters.