Past Productions

The Unit: Successions


Written by Michaela Di Cesare

Successions centres on two Italian-Canadian brothers who grew up in St-Leonard and come together in their intensely cluttered childhood home when they must decide whether to accept or reject their parents' succession following the parents' untimely death. One brother is a lawyer in his late thirties/early forties and is about to run for a high political office. The younger brother is 30-ish and a plumber, like his father and grandfather before him. As the brothers sift through the items left behind, getting progressively more stoned and drunk, they reminisce and uncover long-buried resentments.
Successions is a play about the things we keep when we're trying to throw it all away. It's a comedy!

The Unit: Yev


Written by Alison Darcy and Joseph Shragge

Yev is loosely inspired by the true life story of the Siberian hermit, Agafia Lykova. Yev is the sole survivor of an eccentric family who fled civilization in the 1920s for fear of impending persecution due to their extreme Christian beliefs. Her only contact to the outside world is a park ranger until he begins to transmit communications from Mathew, a recently dropped out botany student who is curious about her solitary life. Mathew discovers that Yev is not entirely alone, and as their relationship deepens, so do the complications between Yev and her possessive neighbour, a geologist, who violently disputes her version of their shared story.
Yev is sponsored by Scapegoat Carnivale Theatre

The Unit: The Lie Speaker


Written by Joanna Gosse

The Lie Speaker, a play with music and dance, explores the life of China Collins, a sculptor and poet, who dreams of a passionate, mid-life marriage to Sam Eagle, an aboriginal business consultant. She recklessly gives up her life in Montréal to follow Sam to a remote reserve on Grimshaw Island. The wild beauty of Grimshaw, and her voluptuous adventure with her sexy husband, inspires her poetry and artistry. However before long, she discovers that her husband is a pathological liar and her dream crumbles into an abusive nightmare. China eventually leaves Sam and returns to Montréal where she writes a book based on her island misadventure. She then discovers that Sam has disappeared and is presumed dead. An inquiry is held and China is called as a witness. She refers to her journals as the memory of her life with Sam. In her ‘fictional book’ she vengefully creates Sam’s presumed death, but it unwittingly becomes the ‘truth’ when Sam actually disappears. Where is the truth found in China’s story? Is it in her journals? Is it in her novel? Is she a mirror for Sam’s deception or is he a mirror for hers?
The Lie Speaker is generously supported by The Resource Centre for Arts in St. Johns.

The Unit: On the Line


Written by Patrick Pietrykowski

On the Line brings to life in an original way the chaos and adventure that was alcohol smuggling during America’s prohibition in the 1920’s. The story centres around Doris, a 20-year-old flapper who has danced her way into the dealings of gangsters like Dutch Schultz, and Conrad, the leader of a band of smugglers. After a deal-gone-bad, Doris, George, her piano-playing and liquor-smuggling lover, and double agent Yancy take matters into their own hands when they raid a border patrol warehouse of confiscated liquor. What seems a success at first starts a chain of events that leads to murder, justice, mystery, and love.
On the Line is sponsored by The Rural Arts Project in Huntington

The Unit: Love U: The Grad School Musical


Written by Joel Yanofsky & Peter Curtis

Love U is a musical comedy set in the spoof-worthy world of higher learning. It’s also a crash course in pursuing your dreams and following your heart, even if your heart has no clue where it’s headed. The story centers on Nora, an aspiring impresario about to open a new nightclub called Anything Goes!, and Karl, a former singer/songwriter and one-hit wonder, who’s now a rising, albeit reluctant, star in academia. Their love-and-hate-at-first-sight connection is complimented and complicated by a zany cast of characters, all with shtick of their own. How to describe b>Love U? Call it Cole Porter crossed with Cornell West; the Marx Brothers meet Noam Chomsky. No politically correct notion goes uncontested; no pretension un-pricked. And while the story is as up–to-date as your latest selfie, the music, inspired by the American Songbook and featuring show-stopping numbers like “Publish or Perish” and the “Queer-Jewish Alliance,” proves everything old is new again… and vice versa. What else is there to say? Shtick happens!