Past Productions

Shakespeare's Sonnets: Transforming the Voices of Montréal

2018-10-22 - 2018-10-27

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Guy Sprung

The McGill Department of English presents Infinithéâtre in collaboration with Early Modern Conversions Project in Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Transforming the Voices of Montréal.

Le Département d’anglais de l’Université McGill vous présente la troupe d’Infinithéâtre en collaboration avec le Projet de conversions du début de l’ère moderne dans Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Transforming the Voices of Montréal.

Under the guidance of Mask Master Brian Smith, using comic half masks and under the ‘trance’ of the mask, actors will find contemporary characters and situations to render the obscure Elizabethan language and word-play understandable to a contemporary audience.

This production will allow the distinct voices of Montréal, discovered by the magic of the comic half-mask, to distil the words of Shakespeare into stories and emotions so contemporary they will sound as if spoken on the streets and subways of Montréal today.

Through action, through distinct character choices which the mask work forces an actor to make, the myriad of potential meanings of Shakespeare’s Elizabethan poetry are distilled into limpid clarity for our contemporary audience.