Past Productions

The Unit: The Caravan


Written by Anna Burkholder

Mother’s Day. 1970. A group of women declare war on the Canadian Government.

Based on historical events, The Caravan follows a group of young women as they travel across Canada in a Volkswagen van, protesting Trudeau’s restrictive abortion laws. The women navigate the challenges of organizing a national protest, and their fight for legal abortion becomes more and more complicated. When their Ottawa protest doesn’t go to plan, the women decide to sneak into Parliament, shutting it down for the first time in Canadian history.

The Unit: King of Canada


Written by Paul van Dyck

William Lyon Mackenzie King was the longest serving Prime Minister in Canadian history. He was also a really bizarre man who liked to get political advice from ghosts.

In King of Canada, we are invited to take part in one of King’s notorious séances. During which, his personal medium will summon and embody dozens of prominent figures from his life, including King’s mother, Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, and King’s three Irish terriers all named Pat. This irreverent and whimsical two person dramatization of the story of Mackenzie King shows how Canadian politics has always been a balancing act between what should be done for the good of all and what is done to maintain power. In the end, we are asked to reconsider the country we once had and the country we want to have.

The Unit: Mike and Jo (Jo and Mike) / The Anniversary Speech (Curtain raiser)


Written by Kate Hammer

Mike and Jo (Jo and Mike)In this idealistic society, starting a relationship is a serious commitment. Paperwork has to be filled out and given to the City, and if it all falls apart, you’ll have to book an appointment at the Relationship Recovery Centre. Mike and Jo have avoided the inevitable processing of their break-up, and are left with a few hours to get it all together, or leave the City. Urged on by their own memories, and a well-intentioned but realist medical team, the couple will see just how unpredictable love can be.

The Anniversary Speech (Curtain Raiser)
The least favourite child of the family is given one chance to prove his worthiness in front of everyone. One chance to be accepted, respected, and loved—but what happens when no matter how hard you try, you can’t change the minds of others? How many cue cards with witty anecdotes inspire affection? He is a middle-aged man who is bent on finding out, and won’t leave the room until he is accepted, or nobody is. He is Keith.

The Unit: Nickey’s Café: Stories of Lost Valley


Written by David Sherman

Nickey’s Café: Stories of Lost Valley is a series of two-handers, conversations at Nickey's, the local café, the neutral territory where friends gather to meet and greet, pass the time and escape the isolation of their homes on long, icy country roads.In these conversations, from six to ten minutes, funny and dark, the people of Lost Valley, reveal bonds and fissures forged over a lifetime of small-town Laurentien living. Under the thin layers of rancour is the compassion that is the secret to their wellbeing. In a small town, it takes a village to build a community, an adopted family to survive the isolation.

There is often one thing in common. They've escaped the city and its trappings. A city most feel is a poor fit. Life is simple, consumption has been eschewed, the latest of anything is ignored, people, rather than things, become paramount.

The Unit: Gomorrah


Written by Alice Abracen

As yet another monstrous hurricane floods the streets of Montreal, four friends gather to ride out the storm. Then a stranger appears at the door with a terrible message of doom; within five years they will be dead at the hands of a brutalized, over heated planet, reaping the evil that was sown by generations past, and victims of their own greed, inertia, and complicity. Shaken by the prophecy, they pledge to avoid it, setting out to save the world- and themselves. But while Kate throws herself tirelessly into grassroots mass movements, Charlie takes a more radical- and dangerous, route. As their paths diverge, they find themselves on a collision course with an increasingly hostile planet- and with each other. Torn between friendship and cause, morality and necessity, their prophesied ends drawing near, each finds themselves questioning what, and who, they would sacrifice to save the world.

The Unit: Sex Garage


Written by Corrina Hodgson

In July 1990, Montreal Queers attended a private party called Sex Garage. After an evening of fun, their venue was raided by police. Unfazed, they left the loft near de la Gauchetière and Beaver Hall and were confronted by cops. When the beating commenced, they raised their voices, demanding Gay Rights Now! What followed were three days of protests that forever changed the face of LGBTQ+ rights in Montréal. In her play, Sex Garage, Corrina Hodgson tells the story of the events leading up to these riots and the three days of turmoil that followed in what many consider Montreal’s very own Stonewall.