Mr. Sprung has behind him over four decades of tremendous contribution to the theatre scene in Québec, in Canada and internationally. As a director, as a producer, as a writer, as a teacher, as an actor, and as a dramaturge, his list of achievements is long and varied. He has been the founder of many long-lasting institutions, and the nurturer of artists and theatre professionals too many to count. He has been an innovator, an initiator, a creator, a provocateur, a leader, a mentor, a passionate artist and a loyal friend to many in the theatre world. With every project he has undertaken, his tremendous intelligence, inextinguishable energy, and unique imagination have been fully evident. He has shown great courage and ceaseless determination in the face of all the many challenges Canadian artists face, and have faced, over the years of our collective history. Sprung is unarguably firmly established in the canon of Canadian Theatre. It is not without reason that Gaëtan Charlebois wrote in Montréal's Hour Magazine that "Sprung is... at the forefront of the promotion of new authors and plays in this country," and that Matt Radz wrote in The Gazette that "If there was a Great Book of Canadian Theatre, Sprung's picture would head the Cutting Edge chapter."

Mr. Sprung has been a prolific builder, even from his early days at McGill University where he was President of the McGill Players' Club, directing and/or producing over 40 productions. He also founded Theatre XV which had as a member of the company the now world-renown American playwright, David Mamet. Shortly after graduating Mr. Sprung founded and became the first Artistic Director of the Half Moon Theatre in London, England, which still thrives today as a hub of theatrical activity combining professional productions with youth training and community outreach. One of Sprung's greatest legacies to Canadian theatre was the conception and founding of the Dream In High Park, Toronto's annual free outdoor Shakespeare festival which averages 50,000 spectators a year. This tremendously popular event has brought extraordinary outreach to the community, has been the inspiration for many other similar festivals across the country, and continues to thrive to this day. Mr. Sprung was also the Co-Founder of the Canadian Stage Company, a dream he shared with the late Bill Glassco, and one which together they made a reality. CanStage is now the largest not-for-profit contemporary theatre company in Canada.