Infinithéâtre's Artistic Director Guy Sprung Pays Tribute To Kevin

Kevin Tierney, friend, writer, producer, film maker, amazing cook, world traveller, ever curious seeker, phenomenal husband and father and member of our board of directors died on Saturday May 12th, 2018.

Photo Credit: Lois Siegel
Kevin, you are sitting on the right side of the Creator, for sure, regaling all and sundry with acerbic wit and strong opinions, maybe even indulging them with your heavenly cooking.

You knew the inevitable was nigh, that your three-and-a-half-year battle with cancer was reaching its end, yet you refused to forget Infinithéâtre’s dire financial situation and so you accepted to be roasted as a fundraising event for our theatre as long as we promised not to mention the “C” word on the night.

My god, you even apologized genuinely and profusely when we had to “postpone” the roast because of the sudden, premature decline in your strength.

Kevin, you did so much for so many. For Infinithéâtre, remember, you played the Mayor of Westmont in one of our fundraisers. You also MC’d another fundraising talent show in the Bain St. Michel. You followed our work and supported us over the decades.

In planning the roast, we were hoping to give you a chance to stick it to us all before you left us in a world bereft of Kevin Tierney. We were hoping to add a few smiles on your journey to the Great Beyond. But all you thought about was to help your theatre in any way you could before your exit.

Helping others, ---since Saturday I have heard so many stories about how you anonymously helped destitute refugees, employees who had lost their job, and artists and arts organizations. Quietly, never seeking personal recognition.

Kevin, your friends at Infinithéâtre wish you safe travels in the undiscovered country.

Henceforth the winning playwright of Infinithéâtre’s annual Write-On-Q! playwriting competition will receive the Kevin Tierney Award, in a small attempt to honour your support.

Guy Sprung

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