Written by Oren Safdie
Directed by Sarah Carlsen and Guy Sprung
Arlen Aguayo Stewart
Howard Rosenstein
Jonathan Silver

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Jan 1st - Jan 21st, 2014

In Unseamly, a young woman seeks legal advice to initiate charges of sexual harassment against her former boss, Ira Slatsky, the CEO of an international clothing company known for its risqué billboards.
Female sexuality confronts male corporate power. Who is telling the truth? Who is manipulating whom? How far should/can a young woman go to take down a predator? “This is a gutsy, provocative play that is certain to elicit serious thinking and heated discussion on the genesis of, and responsibility for, sexual harassment in the workplace. It will also, I hope, provoke a profound questioning of inherent capitalist forces that drive a sexualization of marketing in our consumer society...”
— Guy Sprung

“This play captures that moment where a young woman is invited to sit at the table with the big boys and she thinks she can handle it. And even when things start to go awry and she finds herself feeling uncomfortable, I suppose she thinks she can handle it. She ignores the warning bells—her instincts. [...] I am drawn to this script the way I would be drawn to an accident scene on the street in front of my house. The collision has already happened, and now people are gathering around to see just how gruesome—how bad it was. You think to yourself, “oh my God, that could have been me, or my friend…””
— Sarah Carlsen

8 p.m. Tues. through Saturday, 2 p.m. on Sunday

Tickets: Regular: $25, Students/Seniors: $20, Groups: $17, Infinithéâtre 6Packs available (6 tickets for $75)