Written by David Sherman & Nancy Lee
Directed by David Sherman & Nancy Lee
Performed by David Sherman & Nancy Lee. With Stephen Barry, Andrew Cowan and John McColgan, musical direction by Erik West-Millette

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Feb 12th - Feb 21st, 2011

Marie-France Coallier

"In concert or performing their play Lost & Found, Sherman & Lee are an original, artful duo performing haunting original songs and stories"
- South Coast Today "The Stephen Barry Blues Band alone warrants the price of admission to an evening of folky blues and rock 'n' roll"
- Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette

Two rehabbing romantics step gingerly along the road to true love, a path strewn with rusty nails and broken glass.
Folk singers Victor and Patricia, bruised and skeptical, sing about love lost and what they hope to find after they meet in a little café and decide to make a life and career together, navigating the potholes of bad memories and fears of the future.

About Sherman & Lee

They met performing in a joint out of town. They liked each others songs, liked each others voices, liked each other. Two old farts, playing and singing around town, a little bruised, a little melancholy, a tad cynical, rehabbing romantics. Nancy Lee and David Sherman started seeing each other, started playing together, started living together. Then they started writing together – poignant folk and blues and rock 'n' roll, songs that spoke of love lost, often in haunting harmony.

Together their songs make up the musical Lost & Found, a tale of love lost and found again, propelled by a five-piece band.

Preview February 11th @ 8PM
Wednesday - Saturday @ 8PM
Sunday Feb. 15 & Saturday Feb. 21 @ 2PM