Fight On! Part Two

Written by and directed by Guy Sprung with ironic and iconic comments by Drew Hayden Taylor ( Ojibway, Curve Lake)
Directed by Guy Sprung
Daniel Brochu, Patrick Abellard, Shawn Campbell, Brefny Caribou-Curtin, Manouchka Elinor, Wahiakeron George Gilbert, Tyson Houseman, Howard Rosenstein Ivan Smith

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Mar 21st - Mar 24th, 2019

Development Performance

Francis Jeffery Dickens arrives in Canada in 1874 with all the prejudices and presumptions of a white colonist/settler. After serving 11 years as a member of the North West Mounted Police, horrified by the mendacity and theft that robbed the Indigenous Peoples of their lands, Frank learns to respect the traditions and wisdom of First Nations culture and begins to understand the urgent need to live in harmony with Mother Nature.

Laboratoire créatif autour de Francis Jeffrey Dickens et son exploration de l'Ouest canadien en 1874. Malgré ses préjugés et sa présomption de colonisateur blanc et après 11 ans de loyaux services dans la Gendarmerie royale du Canada, il est choqué par les mensonges et les pillages auxquelles les peuples des Premières Nations furent victimes. F.J Dickens apprend à respecter les traditions et la sagesse de la culture des Premières Nations, il se rend compte de l’urgence de vivre en harmonie avec Mère Nature.

Thursday March 21st, 8pm
Friday March 22nd, 8pm
Saturday March 23rd, 8pm
Sunday March 24th, 2pm

$20 General admission
$15 Union/Equity/QDF
$15 Students, Seniors (65+)
$15 Groups (7+)
$10 School groups

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