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Infinithéâtre’s Action-Infini program proudly supports teachers in classroom by integrating theatre into school curriculums. Student’s imaginations and curiosity are stimulated by our plays while they learn how to articulate complex opinions on the performances they experience. Regardless of whether in a theatre venue or at your school, Infinithéâtre’s entire artistic team hosts interactive talk-backs with students after each performance. Great care is given to supporting teachers in class room with copies of the scripts, complimentary admission, comprehensive study guides and access to our creative teams on each project. Most Action-Infini performances become subject to classroom essay assignment.

Holly Gauthier-Frankel (Left) & Amir Nakhjavani in Shakespeare’s Sonnets at McGill University.
Last season, Infinithéâtre created an innovative partnership with McGill University’s English Department with Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Transforming the Voices of Montréal which was extremely well received by student groups. Under the guidance of Mask Master Brian Smith, using comic half masks and under the ‘trance’ of the mask, actors found contemporary characters and situations, rendering the obscure Elizabethan language and word-play understandable to a contemporary audience.

One of the world’s most renowned Shakespearian scholars, Professor David Schalkwyk from Queen Mary University of London, happened to be in town for a lecture at McGill and attended opening night. He was astonished and ecstatic about our work: "This extraordinary embodiment of Shakespeare’s sonnets takes them off the page and speaks through them in powerful and startling ways about contemporary life." The hundreds of students who came to legendary Moyse Hall at McGill University felt the same way.

Guy Sprung with actress Ellen David (left) and Manouchka Elinor from Shakespeare Sonnets Transforming Voices of Montreal at Vanier College

Howard Rosenstein as Red Peter in Kafka's Ape

Study Guides

Current Season:
King of Canada: Study Guide

Previous Season:
Kafka's Ape in Beijing: Study Guide

Here’s some students feedback from Kafka’s Ape at John Abbott College.

"I was thoroughly impressed with Infinitheatre's production not only for their proper portrayal of certain themes, but for the questions it raised. The play left me contemplating the constraints of my own freedom and their source. This fascinating play is very much worth your time and I strongly encourage you to view it yourself. "

"I enjoyed the concept of the play. The actor was very good and it was well thought out. I think that having plays in school is very important and helps give a visual representation of what is being taught in class. "

"I really personally liked the theatre because they've managed to make a great story even more interesting and amusing for spectators to watch. I believe that it's important for people to expand their knowledge in artistic skills as much as literature and Infinithéâtre have managed to do just that!"

A complete study guide for teachers and educators is available for each of production. Infinithéâtre acknowledges with great appreciation the Azrieli Foundation for making this program available for teachers and students. Learn more from our current season and subscribe to our Action Infini newsletter :